Technical Engineering and Design Services Australia, or TEDSA for short, is a Sydney, Australia based company who's aim is to be a solutions provider covering various skills and services.

Our services will provide value add benefits to your current business systems, allowing your business to grow and win over new customers leading to greater market space. 

TEDSA is a specialist solutions provider in the following fields:

Technical Business Systems

 Engineered Product Design

 Compliance Management

 Project Management, and Research & Development

 Test Witnessing

 Product Failure Investigations

 Electrical Contractor Services

While TEDSA can service a variety of industries and their related products, we specialise in the following:

 Energy and Power

  • Low, medium, and high voltage connector and disconnector markets

 Consumer goods

  • Electrical Products
  • White Goods
  • Brown Goods
  • Kitchenware
  • Cookware

 General Industrial

  • General products
  • Electrical and Mechanical products