What is a Product Failure Investigation?

When a product is released onto the market, you believe you have done all you can to ensure it to be a safe and reliable product.

However, this is not always the case and products can have repetitive failures. This does not have a good impact on your market space and may impact future sales.

This is where TEDSA can help. We will assess your faulty products to determine whether or not the repeated failures are similar in nature, whether they are related or due to a design or manufacturing flaw or whether an actual component has been the cause of the failure.

This investigation is the most crucial step in determining if a fault can lead to a safety hazard and what risks are expected. The course of action taken when a safety risk is identified is significantly different to that when no safety risk is identified.

TEDSA will be able to provide you with a full report complete with photographs and sufficient data to clearly identify the possible cause of failure. We will also advise you whether or not the failure has potential safety implications and the possible recourse.