What is Engineered Product Design?

Put simply, Engineered Product Design, or EPD for short, is only one stage of the many within the New Product Development (NPD) process.

The NPD process is a full circle process that should be used by any company wanting to put a new product on the market. It starts with the concept of course, but then brings in all other aspects of ensuring a viable. The other stages include Marketing, Sales, Servicability, EPD, After Sales Support, Distribution and others depending on your company processes.

EPD is a process of product development that starts with input from all stakeholders, to a concept provided for initial approval, and then an actual 3D model of the product is developed. Once this 3D model has been refined and approved by the stake holders, we can then go onto the prototyping phase, followed by the prototype testing phase. 

The prototyping of a sample will invariably show minor issues with the design, but this is all part of the process.

The result of the final prototype will be the product that can go to production meeting or exceeding all your requirements.

TEDSA's role will be to take you through the whole EPD process and provide you with exactly the product you had in mind for your market. We will work with you at every step of the process to ensure you are to get what was originally imagined.